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5 Signs Its Time to Move Home

To move from one house to another is possibly one of the most stressful things you will ever have to do in your lifetime but that doesn’t stop thousands of us doing it every year. There can be many reasons for a move but whatever they are you will likely want to do everything possible to make the process run smoothly. Hiring a professional removal company well in advance, packing methodically and labelling everything as you go are all ways of doing this effectively.

So if you are contemplating moving out of your current home what are the sure-fire signs that it is time to finally take the plunge? You Have More Spare Rooms Than Used Ones –Once your children have flown the nest you may be left with more rooms that no longer have a purpose than those that are still used on a daily basis.

Move Home

Rather than keeping these and using them as some kind of homage to your children that once frequented them; why not look to downsize and save yourself some money in the process. You may already find your pockets a little bit healthier due to all the money you are saving on food but you could extend this further by moving to a smaller home.

The Neighbors Have Finally Broken You –When you first moved into your home you may have been able to put up with the neighbors playing loud music and making noise at all hours of the day, you may have even joined them, but now it has probably gotten old. In this situation you have the choice to either confront them and go down the appropriate channels to get them to straighten up their act or you could look at moving out; surprisingly it may be less hassle to go for the latter option.

You Have Become Too Comfortable in Your Surroundings –For some people, being comfortable in one’s surroundings is something to celebrate and embrace but for others this can be a sign that life, has become stale. Waking up every morning in the same environment and going through the same daily routine could really wear you down after a while and you may feel that you are in need of a change. Moving to a new area or even a new home within the same area could therefore be the spark you need to bring color back into your life.

It’s More Expensive to Renovate Than Move –When wanting to upgrade your home you generally have two choices. You can either renovate or extend your current home so that you don’t have to go through the stress of a move or you can move home so that you don’t have to go through the stress of seeing your house resemble a building site for an extended period of time. Usually the renovation route works out cheaper but it may be the case that you want to change so much that it would just be simpler and less expensive to search for your ideal home that has already been created.

Your Family Is Expanding –Similar to the fact that you may want to move home once your children have flown the nest; the same can be said in a situation where your family is expanding. Whilst you may feel that you have enough room to welcome new members into the family; you may find that you are living in each other’s pockets unless you look for somewhere with a little more space.

Chris Mayhew has moved home three times in his life and so he is well versed in being able to spot the signs that it’s time to move on. He would recommend in transit who are a devices removals company.


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