Best Video Conferencing Software

Commercial and private communication has lately come to rely upon video conferencing. It used to only be in movies that you could see and speak to somebody who lived far away. There is numerous video conferencing choices about; however, it’s difficult to differentiate which ones really deliver. To help you narrow your search for the best video conferencing software, we’ve looked into many video conferencing systems and detailed below the ones you must truly contemplate, centered on their reliability, pricing, and set of valued features. These tools are diverse from other online meeting applications, as they have video at their core – they can sense and link with your webcam and similarly deliver a great quality image to all participants.

Skype – This is VoIP software that is well known and used by many people around the world. Although its most common use is in the household, Skype has a commercial offering that is cheap and reliable. Initially, there is a group call feature, which will work if all those in the call have the latest Skype for Commercial version. However, only the host needs to sign up for the group video service. Skype also allows for conference calling and display/file sharing, so it can also be an effective computer-generated collaboration device. Skype group video starts at $8.99 for each month.

Best Video Conferencing Software

Toolbox Audio-visual Conference – This is a unique video conferencing facility that lets your listeners (up to 200 people per meeting) send you video questions, really making your virtual conference feel like a face-to-face one. Video questions can be sent ahead of the meeting, so hosts can review them and select if they want to make the video public. Hosts can likewise put meeting participants on the show and move them off at any point.

Plus, to make the job easier, they can even employ a meeting producer who will be responsible for all video-related issues. Attendees can request to go on-screen at any stage, so they can be seen when asking a question or making a statement, for example. This device starts at $39.39 for each month.

Novo – A decent, easy-to-use interface is what sets this device apart from its competitors. But it’s not just built on looks, as it has numerous great features. For example, it permits six persons to partake in the video conference at a time, in great quality. But best of all, it similarly has the ability to record video conferences, keeping up to 1,000 minutes of those online – this makes it easy to share the footage with your colleagues after the video conference has taken place. Operators can likewise record and send video messages to other Lenovo subscribers. The one drawback is that it is dearer than additional video conferencing software, as it charges $39.95 each month for just one seat.

Mega Meeting – A browser-based video conferencing device, Mega Meeting is packed with valuable features. For example, it offers unlimited video conferencing with anyone, anywhere in the world and permits for up to 16 people at a time to participate in an audio-visual conference. Users can control the quality of the video conference, and likewise how many frames each second are seen, meaning that they can control how often the webcam image is refreshed to the video conference attendees.

Mega Meeting similarly supports the circulation of productions and the customization of the meeting room with a corporate logo. This software charges $45 each month for three subscriptions. Site Speed – Prepared by Logitech, this device permits for up to nine persons to video conference at the same time. It similarly has an audio-visual mailing function that lets operators send videos of up to five minutes to every e-mail inbox.

These videos do not need to be transferred, as they are retained by Sight Speed and can be viewed by clicking a link. Also, the replies to your video emails are also tracked and saved, so it’s easy to know what type of replies your videos have received. Like Skype, it similarly has a file-sharing capacity – so productions and other materials can be sent during your video conferences. A single seat charges $19.95 for each month.

This article was written by Brian Madden; Advertising Executive at Crown Telecom.