DoFollow vs NoFollow backlinks

Backlinks are basically a backbone of Seo and there is no concept of increasing your ranking without it. Backlinks are simply the hyperlinks that you provide on other sites or blog that leads back to your web page. So there are different methods of backlinking and each of them has its own pros and cons. Let us discuss both of them.

DoFollow Backlink.

DoFollow links are actually the most used ones in backlinking your site. These are basically those links that pass link juice when backlinking from a high DA site. You can use prepostseo domain authority checker tool to calculate authority of a website. These are the ones which benefit the Seo to rank higher. Think of a link as a point and the more the backlinks you have the more the points will be. Google verifies it as a good thing and monitors that how many backlinks a webpage has and from which sites they are taken.

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One more thing to note is no matter how many backlinks you are taking from high DA recognized sites will be considered good, because a lot of people are viewing those pages and Google considers this healthy and a good approach. Whereas if you are sharing your backlinks on Low ranked sites will be considered as spamming and instead of a benefit, it might lower the ranking you already have for your page. This is basically the technique which benefits your Seo ranking.

This is the simplest example of a DoFollow link:

<a href=””>website</a>

NoFollow Backlink.

NoFollow is HTML attribute value to forbid the search engines that this link should not be followed for the Seo ranking. Basically, NoFollow doesn’t allow the search engine bots to rank the certain link. This is performed to lessen the risk of spamdexing or any other type of spamming of the search engines. NoFollow links don’t pass any link juice and are simply a no-benefit situation for your webpage. It will not have any kind of effect on your page’s ranking no matter how many backlinks are shared.

This is just for the human eyes and bots will not consider it anything no matter if it was clicked a thousand times by the viewers. Google simply defined that they do not consider any kind of value for NoFollow links in regards to ranking. Although, according to Moz experts “ Google do value NoFollow links and they do crawl into it but it is weighed less”. Google has shared it recently that NoFollow links have some impact regarding where the link is placed, whether it is placed at the bottom will have low impact as it was placed on top. Even still it is a good approach to have NoFollow links for the pages you don’t want to be ranked or share link juice to.

A simple example of the NoFollow link will be:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Website</a>



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