How to Choose Great Co-workers in 10 Steps?

You usually shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, but the first impression in this situation is the most important one. If you want to be an employer, you really need to know your job, because the whole company’s success is depending on you. If you don’t pick out the right people for the job, your company will not be able to make any progress – exactly the opposite of that – wrong people will lead you right into bankruptcy. First and foremost, you need to be able to stand the pressure, deal with stress and stay clear-minded at the same time. This isn’t a game for the ones who’re weak-hearted – consider it a warning.

Great Co-workers

What qualities do you need to have to be able to choose your co-workers? You need to know exactly what the person you’re interviewing is saying to you and on the other hand – things that he or she isn’t. The goal you need to reach is to be a human lie-detector. You need to watch movements and facial expressions and to know how to interpret them. If you accomplish this, half of your job is done. Here are a few tips about how to achieve that.

You mustn’t become drunk with power. You have the power to change people’s lives. Everyone who comes to an interview is usually under a lot of stress because the quality of their life depends on it.  You need to rely on your internal instinct and sort out right and wrong first impressions.

What qualities do you need to look for? Integrity is a rare quality today because it’s something you have to learn for years – you can’t just pick it up in a couple of days – actors will show their true face before you know it. During a probation period, give your new employee a few simple tests and you will be able to decide who’s up for the task.

The first thing you can notice during an interview is what kind of personality that person has – this should be your guide. It’s important to include this in your ranking because you need to hire people that’ll easily adopt in your office. In order to choose the right person, first, you must define the atmosphere in your workplace.

Discretion is something you need to expect without asking, but some people don’t see it that way. Be strict when it comes to this subject because you don’t need someone who’ll share your methods and possible secrets to everyone. Deadlines must be respected or the whole system will fail. If your new possible employee is the person who decides to always leave some work for tomorrow, you can’t expect from him or her to be maximally productive and that can decrease your profit.

It’s easy to find someone who’ll adapt to the classical sense of humor. But, it often happens that at least one of your employees is a practical joker – that can’t be productive, can it? Practical jokes usually make a mess and they cause some unplanned breaks.

Always go for team-players and those you’re willing to stick by after work hours to help their co-workers when necessary. All the work will get done much faster and you’ll know who deserves an extra Christmas bonus. If you’re searching someone for marketing & business expanding division, creativity and ability to follow trends in the industry are very important skills.

There’s one type of people that you can’t really see trough at first sight. They cause unforeseen messes and usually make dramatic scenes by talking too much about things that are not in their work description, like gossiping about other people’s personal lives and making up stories just to be interesting to other co-workers. This kind of person usually wants to be in the center of attention and that is how you’ll recognize them. Try to avoid these two types as much as you can. Loud preachersGossipsNow, when you’re familiar with the basic qualities that you and your future employees need to have, you’ll be able to make a great team at your office. If you adopt these characteristics, you’ll entirely improve your social skills and make an improvement in your personal life, as well.

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