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The Quickest Way to Buy a House When Moving to The UK

Buying a house can be a stressful experience in itself however, if you are relocating from a foreign country to the UK, it can be more difficult. In order to relocate, you will need to purchase your new home quickly so here are a few tips on the quickest way to buy a house when moving to the UK.

Obtaining a UK mortgage Often British Expats and foreign nationals moving to the UK wonder if they require a UK credit history before obtaining a mortgage in the UK. In fact, expats are not required to have a credit history in the UK in order to obtain a UK mortgage. It is not possible for lenders to obtain your credit history via Experian or Equifax if you have been working abroad for the last few years.

 If you have no prior connections to the UK and want to purchase property within the UK, then there are mortgages available for these cases. However, if you do have some previous credit history within the UK, the process can be sped up and you may even be offered lower interest rates and other benefits.

Buy a House When Moving to The UK

Looking at UK properties If you have never lived in the UK before, looking at properties can be difficult. The cheapest properties are often found in urban areas but some areas are better than others. You can look at reviews online before you choose a property in a specific area to make sure that you don’t wind up with a home in a bad area.

There is plenty of help out there so register with UK estate agents online and register with property websites such Right Move or Zoopla. Many provide lots of information on the current market in the UK which will give you an idea of what prices to offer. You may also be able to obtain help determining the difference between the asking prices and sale prices of homes on the market.

Alternatively, you can arrange property viewings as soon as you arrive on British soil. This way you will be able to actually visit your dream UK home. Secure a broker This is the most efficient way to secure a property within your budget in the UK.

 Hiring a broker registered with the FSA in the UK will provide you with many advantages. You will have a range of mortgage options and you will have the experience of an expat broker who understands your needs. You will be given unbiased information and you will have someone to help you who is already located within the UK even if you are not. Your broker will likely tell you how important it is to have your finance sorted out before you start to make offers as sellers will take you more seriously. You will also be able to negotiate with the seller and the process will go significantly faster.

Return cheese, documents and contracts as quickly as possible for a fast UK property purchase. If you can communicate with your solicitor and broker via telephone and email rather than by post, this will also make things go a lot faster. Rob Steen is a content writer who sometimes writes for

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