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The Role Of Human Growth Hormone In Development

The growth hormones as the name suggests is important for the development and growth of the body. These are produced in the pituitary glands in human body. The hormone plays a crucial role in cell reproduction and regeneration as well. The protein released by the pituitary gland is responsible for several developments in the body like bone density, stronger immune system, better vision etc. The production of the hormone is at maximum level during the growing age of humans. The hormone is produced in different levels from childhood to adult peaking during puberty. In majority of the cases children are seen to have a sudden spurt of growth during their puberty, which is caused due to the increase in the growth hormone. As age increases, the production of the hormone decreases causing several changes in the body.

Human Growth Hormone

It is growing all the time and the damaged tissues needs to be replaced by healthy ones to remain active and fit. The body to keep the growing process continuous produces the growth hormones. In some people the production of the hormone doesn’t happen in the required level and thus they would need supplementation with artificial therapy. Research has been conducted into the making of artificial growth hormone to help individuals with deficiency in the same. Scientists have found substantial evidences to prove the effects of growth hormones in adults suffering from various diseases. Though taking the supplements in moderate levels is good for the body they do have a range of side effects. People who are treated with the supplements have shown negative effects to the treatment. There are several common effects that are seen in patients some of them being blurred vision, dizziness, pounding in ears, change in heartbeat, nervousness etc.

Side Effects Of Taking The Hgh Therapy

Though the side effects caused due to the treatment doesn’t always require medical attention in some instances they would need to be taken to the health care professional. The body takes time to adjust to the medication and once adjusted the symptoms would be relieved. In rare cases patients experience abdominal bloating, headache, nausea and vomiting, pain in the knee and hip, rashes on the skin etc. Speaking to the doctor would help in understanding the cause of side effect and reduce them too. It is necessary to seek medical attention in case of any symptom while having the growth hormone supplements. The range of side effects is several and recognizing them would be difficult for the patient. The dosage of the medication prescribed to the patients would depend on their condition.

Some patients are given the medication in small dosages for longer period while others are prescribed with more quantity for shorter duration. The changes are noticed in the patients after taking few dosages of the medication. People on the medication often feel the need to sleep during the afternoon, which can be considered as a negative effect. People getting treated with the growth hormone therapy experience aches in their body when they wake up in the morning this is because the body grows and regenerates during sleep. The pain normally goes away after a few minutes. In some cases patients have felt a fluctuation in their sugar levels due to the consumption of HGH supplements. The changes were seen in patients either starting the therapy or ending it.

Types Of Treatment Available

There different types of growth hormone treatments available these days for people wanting to undergo the therapy. The injections for growth hormone therapy are popular among people trying to increase their muscle mass and strength. The medication is mixed with bacteriostatic water and then injected into the body. Convenient dosage pens are available that doesn’t require mixing of the ingredients. The dosages can be taken as per the prescription by the health care professional. Homeopathic sprays are used to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more hormones into the body. These medications don’t require prescription. The growth hormones are available in tablets or pill form. They are called dietary supplements and can be bought online as well without prescription. Patches and topical creams are available that claims to be better than sprays and pills to release the growth hormone in the body. Healthcare professionals would be able to advise the patients on the best product available for their condition.